Private Label Programs

Our cat and dog nutrition products are available for private label. They compare to Purina and Pedigree, at a lower price. We process the products to order from BRC and MSC certified facilities in Costa Rica and Mexico.  All products have USA distribution.



Blue Luck Farms All Natural Products from the Americas and compare to Red Barn Naturals from South America, Barkworthies Brand and Cadet Brand Products for Dogs.  They are all available for private label, delivered to the USA, and can be made in different sizes, counts, or purchased in bulk. 
Our Blue Luck Farms Dried Black Soldier Fly larvae for backyard laying hens are raised in the Americas.  We raise them in Canada, Costa Rica, and the USA.  Our sustainable, high protein, nutrient-rich products can be fed as treats and supplements in a complete diet for our backyard chickens and wild birds, as well as used as protein ingredients in manufactured pet nutrition and premium treats for cats and dogs.