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Full Spectrum BSF

Discover the sustainable and nutrient-rich black soldier fly meal. This innovative ingredient offers highly digestible benefits, packed with essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Embrace its eco-friendly qualities for exceptional nutrition in pet food, animal feed, and aqua-feed industries.

Defatted BSF

Sustainable black soldier fly meal is transforming the pet food, animal feed, and aqua-feed industries. This nutrient-rich protein source promotes animal health while minimizing fat content, providing exceptional nutrition and contributing to sustainability. Utilize this eco-friendly ingredient to support the well-being of animals.

BSF Oils

Harness the benefits of sustainable black soldier fly oil. This versatile ingredient enhances pet food, animal feed, and nutraceutical products with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. Promote well-being, healthy skin, coat, and immune function while supporting sustainability with this eco-friendly oil.


Unlock the potential of sustainable black soldier fly FRASS. This nutrient-rich byproduct is revolutionizing agriculture and gardening. Improve soil health, foster plant growth, and increase crop yield with this eco-friendly FRASS. Witness remarkable results in your garden or farm by utilizing black soldier fly FRASS.

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