About Us

Our Story

We created Woof Brands to satisfy our search for a new class of dog and cat nutrition and premium quality treats. We won’t feed our pets any products we wouldn’t eat ourselves or feed to our own pets. We want our pets to enjoy premium products that are free of artificial additives, preservatives, and ingredients. So we went on a search for world class partners who share our commitment to quality, and who would produce to meet and exceed U.S.A. premium pet nutrition standards.

We procure only the finest, nutrient-rich ingredients from world class companies around the world. We believe our pets deserve BRC certified manufacturing standards and a commitment to the sustainability of our planet. We certify our suppliers who meet and exceed all FDA, USDA, and Marine Stewardship Sustainability Standards.

We are private label experts who manage new product development. We offer premium dog and cat nutrition and treats from leading suppliers in Latin America with U.S.A. distribution. We manage all aspects of sourcing, labeling, quality assurance, auditing, distribution and logistics for private and store labels.



Superior Nutrition Starts With Superior Ingredients

With no artificial preservatives, chemicals, or ingredients, our chews and treats stand above competitors. We combine responsible sourcing with nutrition science to bring valuable nutrients into your pet’s diet.

  • Woof Brands always sources responsibly from the best suppliers for the highest quality ingredients
  • Premium ingredients with no artificial preservatives, additives, or colors
  • All of our single ingredient dog chews have been crafted to help promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage dental health through chewing action
  • Our dog and cat nutrition is manufactured in BRC certified facilities
  • Our Pacific Tuna protein is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified
  • Our insect proteins represent the future innovation for pet nutrition ingredients to save the planet